Our values

Goodwill. Transparency, honesty, confidentiality, legal compliance, trust and professionalism are the foundation of our business. We work strictly within the framework of Russian Federal law.

Clients. Our clients' interests are our interests. Our success is our clients’ success. We offer a stable and effective partnership.

Equality. We offer equal terms and confidentiality to all our clients. Where two rival companies approach us, we guarantee equal attention, professionalism and absolute confidentiality.

Confidentiality. We understand that all documents and information received are in most cases commercial secrets. We have strict guidelines on the storing and access of all documentation and information relating to our clients’ products.

Obligations. Our target is to fulfill all agreements and meet deadlines in a quick and precise manner. In order to achieve this we guarantee a high level of professionalism, quality and responsibility.

Employees. Our best assets are of course our team of highly qualified and experienced specialists. Many of these specialists have worked for CBG since the company was founded. Our corporate culture, employee-centric approach, attractive working conditions and remuneration package means that staff turnover is low. Our recruitment policy is comprehensive and this means that we are also able to hire only the very best employees to our company.