The key elements of ConsultBusinessGroup’s policy are:

  • A high quality service;
  • Meeting clients’ needs, and adopting team approach to client cases;
  • Developing the most efficient solutions in meeting our clients’ requests.

The CBG group of companies aims at being first in the field through:

Regular staff training and development

To be effective, all employees have to constantly adjust to a fast-changing environment. Our employees are required to study their individual fields, keep abreast of the latest changes in healthcare legislation, and monitor industry norms and regulations.

The best IT solutions

Our company makes use of up-to-date IT software and hardware. The use of comprehensive IT solutions, allows us and clients to access information quickly. It also allows our company to control quality and deadlines in the preparation of documents as well as improving efficiency.

Meeting clients’ needs

A successful business is a business that meets its clients’ needs. This is an integral part of our company’s policy, and we aim to fulfill all our obligations to our clients.

Finding the right balance

CBG group of companies comprises of four main business units. Each business unit is given its own operating autonomy and discretion. We regard this as the most efficient use of resources. However, the basic philosophy and mission statement of CBG as a whole remains at the core of all our business processes.